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Blog Baru
Jemput Melawat

I can't believe it!!!!!
lip-lap-lip-lap lampu kelip-kelip berbunyi,
tetibe je kene fly esok hari
rasa macam tak rela dan tak sudi
nak tinggalkan Malaysia ibu pertiwi

tadi makan ketupat, lemang, nasi impit, macam2..
lepas je solat raya, ikut jemaah mesjid, pusing satu taman, ade arr dalam 15 buah rumah..
LETIH gile~~
tp sedeh gak..
pasnieh rasenye mmg takde can arr nak rase dah..
btw, sorry tak leh nak letak gamba kat sini..
kabel hp sume dah masuk beg..


oyt!! How's life going? happy? sad?
Whatever it is, just remember, nothing last forever, at least not in the current world. So, if you're happy, be prepared, you might just face a bumpy road up ahead. If you're sad btw, maybe, just maybe, the dark clouds is about to move away to let the shiny and blazing sun shine again.

here's a new story though. I just BOUGHT A NEW PHONE!!!
okay, maybe there're some critics saying how wasteful I am, since I'll receive a new hp anyway after registering my num in UK in about 2 weeks time. (i know, OMG!!)

here's the pic! :)

It is Sony Ericsson W395. Happy!!!!!!

Since it is my only 2nd hp, and it has the camera function which my previous Nokia hp did'nt, I am going to put a hell lot of pictures here then! watch this space eh!

By the way, I have this uncomfortable feeling these couple of days. It all started when I slept right after ''bersahur'' and I had this weird dream. It was about me in a lecture hall, with lots of people in it, but I am standing, speaking directly to the lecturer(I assume....) which apparently resembles the face of one of my previous teacher. Pn. Asleenda, my science teacher back when I was in Form One. yup, she was the lecturer I supposed..
But then, after a while,(can't really remember it clearly, I think I said something which made her really mad) I got slapped hard!! in front of the whole class. OOOUUCCCHHH!!

It was really embarrassing, seriously.
Then, she asked me to follow her to take some books for the whole class, as a punishment.
I followed her, then I was asked to carry a whole lot of books, if I'm not mistaken, something about ''sejarah he****listik(can't remember, but I'm quite sure it was written in Malay). When I was on my way back to the lecture theater, there was this boy, looking very confused. He asked me 2 questions.

1:''erm.. do you know where I can get these books from?'' by showing me a long list of books.
without even thinking I quickly said no and walk away nonchalantly. But my arm was grabbed. He asked me the 2nd question at an instant.
2:''whatabout where I can get my things laminated?'' this time, he sounded angry, but again, I refused to help by saying ''No, I don't. Now let my hands go.''

Then I just go. without looking back. not even a glance back. So mean!!

Back in the lecture theater, (where I am very much ''cuak'' coz I was quite late to return back. Seriously, on my first day there(I have a feeling that it was the FIRST DAY. somehow. i think...)
there could'nt be anything worse than being slapped hard TWICE right? haha..
so I was shaking when I entered the theater. I quickly apologize to the ''lecturer'' but she replied with a very rude manner that I was innocent, and she slapped me just now just for fun. WTH!!!

hrm... very complicated 'dream' right? haha.. I don't know largh.. I often get weird dreams nowadays.. wonder why is that the case.. huhu..