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Just got back from from a session with Bank Of England's
Deputy gabenor, Charlie Bean.
He gave a talk on the previous financial crisis(while largely putting the blame on US economy) and gave(should gave) an insight review of why was it bad, n what BoE had done to cope with the problem. It was ok, but me, Deepak n Bhavik hardly appreciate his talks. Lol~

Btw, before that, I bought a curry chicken with rice in ULU. Then I ate it with my kitchen mate, Yosef.(well, of course, he ate his own meal, which happens to be curry chcken as well!!)
Yosef's father is a Palestinian. He went to Germany, to study medicine and end up marrying a local women.
Then there came Yosef, a German guy.

I have to say, talking with Yosef is definitely one of the most exciting thing to do in the kitchen(other than burning my hand of course:] ).
He told me that he often go back to Palestine as most of his relatives are still there.
He said that once, when he was still small, there was this 'intifada. There were a lot of soldiers carrying weapon and all that, and such situation was already being seen by a small kid of what, 5 or something.
And he also told me about the refugee camp, which was quite near to the place where his relatives stay, often was inspected by the Israelis. And most of the time, they came by tank, and seems the road in that area is super-small, they will make an announcement asking all occupier to leave the building, and using these tanks, they will RAMP through all the buildings there!!!
Can you imagine that???
Yosef said, for Palestinian, such situation is almost routine for them that they are quite used to it.
He even mentioned that one of his cousins was imprisoned by the Israelis for nothing.
That how bad the situation is.

Dear brothers . If you look at the Palestinian, you'll see how tough and brave they are, just to defend their own country, for their own religion.
Will you do the same if asked to?

And one more thing, living in London had definitely opened my eyes at how beatiful is Islam with it's beotherhood thingy. Qhen I go to the prayers hut, there were multiple races there, Malays, Pakistani, Arabs, maurice, and a whole lot of other ppl. But we are all here united, they are super-friendly, especially qhen they were told that you are a Muslim as well. They call u brother, they ask your well-being, they asked about your studies and all just like they really cares. You see, being here 'almost alone' makes you feel lonely. But with these brothers, i felt the secure feeling, feel just as if being taken care of, being help in some way. Here I sad it, I never felt as prud as I am now being a Muslim.
may Allah show me the right path.
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Right now it's autumn.
Damn cold already. Can't imagine what it's like in the winter.. Hopefully I won't die freezing.. Lol~

Look at some of this pics. Classy~~

All the leaves are falling already.. Not long from now, there won't be any leaf left. It just shows us that time never wait for u. It just keep on going no matter what you do.
So value and use ur time carefully, as it ain't coming back. Ever.
And if there's anything I can learn from this. It's definitely not to linger. Do everything decisively, as well as instantly, so that the chance will not past away. So, move ur lazy bum, at start doing things the right way. N create greatness in ur life. Because you know, you are destined for such things.

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Moral of movie~
Most of the time, people tend to not realize what they are capable of doing, until one day something happened, when they gonna have to put their true colors on.
They will perform way above their expectations, that they will feel that they got everything that they've always wanted.
But when this moment finally arrives, lots of people will eventually get over themselves, that they forgot at the end of the day, they are after all, just one helpless human being.
They will start to be too ambitious, and put enormous pressure on themselves, which will eventually came back haunting their lives.
Remember, we are after all Allah's creatures. He is the only person that can help us no matter what the situation is. If you fall, just remember, you just got another reason to come back stronger.

Alhamdulillah, all praise be to Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most merciful.
Today, I got a chance to attend a debate between two great people, with undoubtedly abundant knowledge.
It was a debate between
Mr. Hamza Andreas Tzortzis. *click to see his blog*
(He is a senior researcher and lecturer for iERA. He has participated in debates both at home and internationally with leading academics and intellectuals. Hamza delivers lectures across the world to articulate and shed indispensable light on Islam and its way of life.)

and Mr. Rick Lewis
(he is the founder and editor of Philosophy Now, and thereby one of the main initiators of the popular philosophy movement in the English speaking world.

It was indeed a very interesting session, which mostly talk about the definition of good deeds, who draws the line between good and evil etc.
It all starts with Mr Hamza making his opening speech, where he underlines 2 main points, which is
1.God make sense to the explanation of the origin of life
2.God make sense to the explanation og the fine tuning of life.

Infinity, a word which means no beginning nor ending, is according to him non-existence in this life. He starts off by giving an analogy to negate this fact, in order to show people that everything starts off with something.
He said,
''If I have an infinite number of bananas, and I give someone 2 bananas, what is the remaining bananas that I still have?''
"yeah, it doesn't make sense doesn't it? It only bananas to you right?"
and the hall broke into laughter.
Then he starts explaining the Big Bang Theory, which he claims to be VERY VERY magical, because of its rareness.
The probability of it happening is so low, that it must not happen by its own, there must be 'Someone' who make it happen.
Even according to him, a lot of scientist(he gave about 4-5 names really, but I can't remember any. lol~) said that even if the expansion rate of the matter after the Big Bang differ by 1/(10^10), (which really really small), the world will collapse and the living intelligent on this world will not exist.
Then there's lot of other points, (where I couldn't remember~~:p )
He did say things about everything must have its own purpose, causes etc.

Then it was Rick's turn.
He started off by questioning the definition of the word GOD itself.
It was indeed true what he said, where the definition of GOD is indeed very wide.
Sometimes, people believe that the nature itself as 'god'.
Then he starts questioning about the nature of God, what is HE like, what etc.
He even included the 'problem of evil.'
He also said something about
''I haven't found anything that cannot be described without believing in god''
*maksudnya, suma benda boleh explain even kalo kita tak kait kan dengan tuhan.*
and then he argued *this one aku tak berapa paham*
about the purpose of God creating the world.
He said, before the Big Bang Theory, there is no time.
*the definition of time: starts AFTER big bang.*
hence there should not be a ''cause'' for making the world, because causes must be followed by effects, which must be related to time."

But he DO have one very good point.
*he approximately said this one.*
Things right now as it happened, though the probability of it happening is mightily low, means that other events also can happen, no matter how low the probability is.
I mean the Earth, even by the slightest difference, might cause the human not compatible to live in it. But we never know, if the difference might suit other living organism.
Then they will say how precise 'god' is, though the fact it all happen randomly.

Then we all proceed to the Q&A session, where there is lots of hands raised to ask.
Here where it gets a lil' bit better I mean, only here I heard what I want to hear, because throughout the debate, both speakers never actually face-to-face with each other.
One person says about 1+1=2, the other said 5+2=7.
There was no direct contact really.
They were just arguing about definitions, epistemological, and then some other weird ''philosophical'' words.
No direct engagement with the content.
but during the Q&A, people asks, and then only it starts to be a bit exciting.
someone asked about islam, qoran etc.
someone else questions about atheism, etc.
then there were even an old lady who express her opinion about religion brings wars etc.
then there's a christian who wanted Mr Hamza to comment on the book of revelation etc.
all in all, the experience was amazing.

HOWEVER, there is something that I found uncomfortable though.
Its the fact that when it comes to talks as such, there will be A LOT of muslems, and we are the majority.
BUT that doesn't make us better.
I mean, a lot of people were giving gestures and scary look when Mr Rick talks.
I believe NO ONE can give a good talk when he is surrounded as such.
and then when there's this man claiming ''I am a christian, and I wanna......"
suddenly the crowd makes an uncomfortable sound.
Fine we all believe in Allah, Alhamdulillah.
But WHY MUST WE sort of ''hate'' other people?
If they don't believe in what we do, stop hating them as such!
I mean, even Allah had said once in surah Al-Kafirun, the last verse.
"for you your religion, for me mine."
There's this sceptically feeling that most muslim acted badly towards others that make them feel as if
"its either you're a muslim, or you're an enemy''

what is it yeah?
For Ad-din.
Lets make the change, Insha-Allah.

At last, the class starts~~~~~~~
I'm not sure whether I'm ready or not for the lectures and all, but seriously, I am overly excited!!
I bought lots of ref. books already(hopefully I won't be selling it back next year as an 'unused' book, if you know what I mean...)
There's this Macroeconomics book, by Williamson, which Professor Nicola Pavoni seems to like very much.

It costs me about 4o£, for a new book.(some seniors are selling the very same book for about 30£++, so I figured that I might as well buy a brand new one :)
But the thing is, when it arrives, I was very excited. I open the parcel(by DHL btw~), but as soon as I turned the first page, there was this symbols that makes me feel disgruntled a bit.
it written there RM79.95
I was like, OH MY GOD!!! Is this book from Malaysia????
Then I look back at the parcel, and certainly, the order that I place to a seller who called himself as uk-textbook-store or something was a Malaysian.
That means, I bought something that could only cost me RM80 for 40£.
that was like RM150 more!!!
but I think it was ok, because even in Waterstone, when I check it, it costs around 50-60£. and since the book arrived just 2 days after my purchase, so I was quite pleased though.

-the grey-coloured book.

Then the classes.
again, OH MY GOD.
Seriously, what the heck is all this?
I mean, the lecturers was all quite interesting, and indeed knowledgeable, but the students...
Everyone seems to be trying to show off or something, there's this "I am cleverer than you are"
feeling each time someone raise up their hand.
Well you see, I don't mind if they just wanna ask question or sumthing, but the problem is, some people just raised their hand to voice out the ''knowledge''.
Just as if there are the only person that know where the google is, the wiki and all.
If you wanna talk about financial crisis, when someone else is talking about something, just to show to everyone that you read the news, COME ON???
Its just like you wanna tell a group of world leaders ''How to cook curry".
Da~~~(fine, maybe I was exaggerating, but seriously~)

And the lectures.. Errggghh.. Never thought it would very hard to become a good uni student..
The lectures only cover like 15% of the things that you need to know, and the rest is entirely up to you.
That means, for Econs, I have to read thousands of articles just to equipped myself for the modules...
*that doesn't count those that I want to 'brag' about in class.. deeerrrggghh... :S *

But overall, I have to say, life never gets easier eh?

-Mr Pavoni...

And by the way, talking about economics..
you see, econs is mainly about human behaviour, how people reacts towards something and all.
So basically the theories is mainly about assumptions(because we can never know what someone else is thinking), as well as expectations, predictions etc.

But the problem is, THERE IS NO REAL ANSWER.
I really like Mr. Pavoni's first sentence(sort of)
"Economics is still at its lowest level, just like the physiologist a couple of decades back, where they can only operate a person and tell us why he died. Not what will happen, but why something has happened."

I definitely agrees with him. I mean, all the theories that has been made and published in our textbooks are all researches and findings that were obtained from the history, from what 'has' happened.
But we NEVER know, what might happen in the future.
We cannot always assume everything will fall into their places and things will proceed just like what it normally does.
We never know, when something is ABNORMAL, something is UNUSUAL happens.
That's why we cannot HAVE an answer for each economics problem.

That day, I went to the library. There's this BIG SCULPTURE, about something weird I think..
It was made by John Flexman if I'm not mistaken, out of wax.

There's plenty of others really. But I just couldn't be bothered looking at all these lame sculptures.. I'm just not into things like this I guess...heh~

The library was indeed big, but I haven't had any chance of browsing and looking around what books are available etc.. But yeah, for goodness sake, I think I'll have every book I need in there.

By the way, one more important thing that shall not be forgotten, is the fact that I AM A GOOD COOK!!!
haha...*masuk bakul angkat sdr plak eh~~
Really, I've cooked Nasi Lemak,(which was praised by a few Italian friends etc),
Curry Chicken, Masak Merah Chicken, Nasi Goreng Kampung, Nasi Goreng Ayam, Nasi Goreng Udang, Ayam goreng berempah, Ayam goreng kunyit, Ayam kicap+sos and MUCH MORE.

-curry chicken

-Nasi Lemak's Sambal

so yeah.. I think that's it for now.

*deep down in my heart, I have to say, I MISS MALAYSIA, as well as MY MUM'S COOK.
*psss~maybe insha-Allah next time I'll be sharing something else. Its about the stop Islamisation in Europe (SIOE) thingy. The inconvenient truth.

Sebaik tiba di Lapangan terbang Heathrow, aku telah di-pick-up oleh para senior-rita, iaitu
Adam Hamdan(yay~) Nik Hazwan(yay~) dan juga Iman Shafiq(bukan Iman Manan eyh~~)

Malang nasib badan, sampai2, aku cuba nak bernafas kuat2, nak bagi kuar asap2 yg slalu nampak kat tv tuh, tp takde.. hampa..huhu..

pastu naek la kete yg dipandu oleh nicky(name manje hazwan~~)
pusing punye pusing, tgk2 ktorang
sepatutnya dr Heathrow pukul 9 sampai umah plg lambat kol 11, tgk2 sampai dah nak pukul 1!! haha..
tp ok gak arr, that's the first time I saw Emirates Stadium with my own eyes!!


Pastu masuk la Hall. Tgk2 takde lagi rumate. sonok gle. Bilik besaw, selesa gle.
Haritu hari Selasa.

Sementara tunggu rumate masuk, (aku expect plg lmbt die masuk sabtu), aku lepak arr kat Finsbury Park. Ye la, sebab tak de lg cooking utensils kan.. huhu..
Adam Hamdan plak bawak aku pg OXFORD STREET!!!!!!
Ya Allah.. sesaknya tempat tu macam ape ntah!
n buses kat sini macam tak btol sket, da sedo diri beso gedabak, still bawak dekat2, horror gle, rase mcm nak kne langgar je tiap2 kali stop. Tp btol la, bus driver die mmg cekap nk mampos. Kalo hantor driver m'sia, (no offence to all bus drivers~~) rasenye tiap2 kali stop terlanggar orang.hee~~

Kat sini aku singgah PRIMARK. konon2 supermarket yg jual sume mende kecuali makanan(kot?). n the best thing, harga die MELETOP!!! murah gle!!
aku beli laundry bin, sarung duvet, cadar, sarung bantal, ngan 2 set baju tido. owh, and yeah, tuala skali. cube teka harga die???
gle kan??
haha..(takyah arr konvet, kalo x mampos arr tak blanje gtu~~hehe)

n then aku prgi ARGOS!!
seyesly, nie la kedai paling CRAZY aku pnah jumpe. aku masuk2 pnye la excited nk beli bantal etc.skali tgk. YA ALLAH!!!!!
kedai tu ade like 7 rows of tables, yg ade 2 mesin yg look like a telly on each table.
setiap table lak ade mcm 4 books, yg tunjuk barang2 yg die jual. macam magazine gtu. gle kan?

Nampak tak brader neh macam ngah usha sumthing kat atas meja tuh? ha.. itulah die namenye tgh browsing. ko kne cari barang yg ko nak, pastu amek number code die. ko check kat mesin tuh, by entering those codes, n check availability.

nampak catalog tuh? n that machine over there?? haha.. mantop kan???

nie screen kat machine tuh. check PS3.. banyak lg dow. bley beli satu.. hehe..

lps check, kalo ade, kite kne isi kat satu borang. lps tu bwk pg kaunter, die check. n then bayar. die kasik kite number giliran plak, kite kne pg the other room. kat situ, kite tunggu barang kite siap di''bungkus''. pastu bile die pggl number giliran kite, pg la amek barang, n trus blah. macam tunggu number kat bank plak kan?? haha..
systematic betul. leh kurangkan kecurian, n most of all, kite tak yah jalan jauh2 nak tgk barang. cume disadvantage die takleh tgk depan mata la barang tuh.. n tak leh nak pegang dulu..(especlly kain, macam konferter etc...)

haa.. pastu ktorang makan kat Finsbury Park. Masakan nik Hazwan.hee~~

Esoknya prgi makan kat Sizzling Bombay yang digembargemburkan sedap tuh.. but sorry la adam eh.. not really my taste.. tak bes la~huhu..

Ade gak kedai kat Drummond Street tu name die Simply Chicken. Halal jugak. n sedap gak arr.. tp still... rasenye ayam kat Teluk Intan pnye Gulam Rasul lg sodap.(haha.. pilus mesti taw kedai neh..)

kalo dekat Goodge Street lak, ade Subway halal. n ade juga Italiano Pizza yg jugak halal. kat sini juge lah ade Muslim World League yg merupakan satu bangunan lima tingkat yg digunakan untuk solat, (tingkat 2 die hari lain selain jumaat ade jual nasi briyani. but still, sori la einstein.. again, not really my taste...)

haha.. aku asyek cakap pasal makan je eh.. wakaka...

btw, aku tunggu pnye tunggu.. sampai hari Ahad bru rumate aku sampai.. name die Edwin Clifford-Coupe..nie gamba Facebook die..

haha.. aku macho lg kot? wakaka...

die dok kat Kent katenye.. dekat je ngan london..(die la cakap.. wkaka...)
n then to my astonishment, die jugak agak 'peramah'. Abes suma pintu dari 3rd floor sampai ke basement die ketuk, nk berkenalan kate nye.. huhu..

n then, besalah orang puteh.. minum arak etc.. ade skali muke die biru-kepurple-an. boley?
huhu.. balik dalam kdaan mabuk etc.. pukul 2pg la.. adoi... sedey aku..

n then barang2 die... adoi.. bersepah gak arr.. tp nk wat cane.. I'll have to learn to live with it kan? huhuhuhu...

So far die tak bwat la mende2 yg boleh mnybbkan aku menjerit gtu. waakakaka.. n die agak respect arr ngan aku yg berpegang pd religion neh. Bile aku smyang@bce quran, die perlahankan music die.. so he's quite understanding la..

erm... tu je kot so far?
maybe later aku cite pasal mende laen plak??
yeah, here in london, there's so much to share.
aku blum cite pasal modules yg aku amek lg kan?ha...
you'll have to wait for it then~~
(btw, hari neh, Nik blanje aku makan subway. hari neh gak, aku berjaya bernafas asap for the 1st time~~ wakaka)

PS: Click to see Clearer Images!~~

Pada Tanggal 21hbSept yg lalu, seluruh tubuh menggigil, rasa tak sanggup bercampur ngan rasa takut, serta rasa macam malas nak belajar. Itulah perasaannya kalau korang nak taw, bile korang aku nak fly ari tuh. Pamily aku pagi2 lagi da amek gambar dr kedai, gamba raya.

Sorry arr.. pakai hp.. gamba tak lawa sgt~~

n then, lebey kuang kol 11, ktorang pon bertolak ke Kuala Lumpur. tp sblom angkat beg ke dalam kereta, tetibe je handle bagasi aku patah!!(what~~~)
so terpakse le beli baru.. sedey gle..

Lebey kuang pkl 2-3 gtu, sampay la ke kl.
trus je ke sunway piramid.. beli beg.. huhu..
pastu Kami meng-check in satu Inn, dan berehat sampay pukol 6...
(tyme neh aku cam dupdapdupdapdupdap je.. tp ntok menguatkan diri, aku wat bodo je.. tak layan... lama2 tak ingat la.. lg2 tyme tuh ngah tgk cicakman kat tv3...)

kami tibe di KLIA lebey kuang pkol 730.. cuak gle tyme tuh.. suma orang tak taw kne pg mane.. ape lg.. kelam kelibut le jwabnye.. tp akhernye berjaye juge aku mengcheck in dengan muatan sebanyak 23.5kg(aku sbnanye tak wat grads card pon, tp lepas gtu je.. Alhamdulillah la.. huhu)

then, liplapliplap, dah pukol 10 lebey.. aku kne berangkat pergi.. berat gak tyme tuh.. lpas salam2 n tangkap2 gamba, aku pon trus arr trun escalator tuh.. tyme neh yg plg sedey neh.. tgk mama, ayah, yoyon, adin, anti mona, unkel mi, cik, unkel mad, ilhan ngan nabil menjadi ''kecik'' dek kerana jarak yg semakin jauh.. dan disebabkan penglihatan aku yg kabur(mmg kne pakai spek.. huhu) wajah mereka pon satu2 menjadi semakin kabur.. aku trus pandang depan, xmo tgk depe dah.. too ''sedeh''...

naek2 je plane, aku kne dok sblah minah dari Australia.. die muke pucat je.. sembang2 sket ngan die, die cakap die dah naek 3 flight ari tuh, sbb die nak kene pg Wales, ade keluarge die baru meninggal.. so no wonder la spanjang perjalanan die tido je.. sedeh teramat kot..huhu..

sampai2 je kat Heathrow, lebey kuang 6.30am, aku terkezut bagai!!
orang berdhouyon2(sebut dengan penuh semangat ye!~) beratoq nak lepas imigration.. aku kne line up sampai 2 jam lebey!!! penat gle.. huhu...

erm.. ok kot takat tuh.. lpas neh aku sambung plak pasal citer London eh!!

My 'gem**' lil sis~~

My 'bajet' rockstar brother

My comel n nakal lil nephew~~

Sekarang di London jam menunjukkan pukul 11 malam. Kalau di M'sia skrng dah pukul 6 pagi esoknya.Hrmmmm....

This is actually my first post from London. Hopefully there's more to come. I just came back from a party(WWWWHAAAAATTTT!!!!??????) hehe.. don't worry. It was a Malaysian Raya 'party', held in Malaysian Hall(somewhere near Queensbay). After Maghrib prayers, there were a few Nasyeed performed, and overall it was pretty fun really, having a chance to meet people with something(especially language) in common.We talk, talk and talk the whole night,(it's not easy you see to meet people from the ''bajet bagus'' IC university(hehe.. jpah jgn terasa ehh~~)
as well as the prestige LSE and City university. So it was great really to have a chance to talk with them.

After that, Palie, Adam, Nik(hehe), Aiman, Hanis, Baku and I all went back via bus. When I arrive at my room(which is on the 3rd floor!!!!!) my teman sebilik masih belum balik. Like always~~~
He's been spending most of his time outside, because apparently I am a mightily boring person
(because I don't drink and don't go to bars). Well, actually he had never said those things. He's a nice person la actually. When I told him I am a muslim, He understood it, and fully respects my decision. He even invited me to join him to a restaurant instead of a bar if I want to. so die macam baek jugak la....

hrm.. actually dah ngantuk neh. esok 9.30 ade session ngan Econs Dept. So kena la bangun awal sket. Btw, arituh ade satu citer lawak.

Kat London neh, skrang subuh masuk dalam pukul 5pg. Hari tuh, aku set la alarm clock pukul 5pg. Nak bgn subuh. My rumate terjage, die ingat fire alarm, die bangun terus nak keluar bilik!!!
Then aku kenela explain knape aku bgn pg gile... etc2222...
cian gak kat die tiap2 pagi kene kaco ngan aku... huhu...
Doa-doakan le moga2 die mendapat Hidayah dari-Nya~~~

K arr... Nanti aku cite plak eh pengalaman 1st day in london!! betapa terkezuuut nye aku and pengalaman dalam flight!! mantop dowh!!!

k.. Wassalam...